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Hello and welcome to the Ragnaros guide. Sorry for the late guide I mean I guess it’s late for some early for others I don’t know how you guys are progressing. My guides are meant for the more casual guilds, trying to focus on the deadly aspects of the fight. I do like it when a guild manages to defeat an encounter with good strategy rather than overgearing it or just throwing away attempt after attempt.

1st phase till 70%. Easy phase, not much going on, just letting your raid get used to the fight. A tank rotation is needed. Players stay 6 yards apart from eachother. Melees on the left side, tanks on the right side, ranged all around.

Sulfuras Smash , easy to spot, 3 lava pools, Ragnaros hits with his hammer and 3 lava waves emanate outwards. You really don’t wanna get caught by these, they hit for 100k and then they also leave a powerful burning dot damage on the affected person. In case anyone gets hit, dispel them 1st, heal them after.

Magma traps, large fire circles, they do 80k damage to the entire raid when someone steps in them. And you actually do want someone assigned to blowing them up otherwise the traps would cover the entire encounter area. Don’t rush with detonating them. Check the raids hp, detonate in between the uses of Hand of Ragnaros, the knock back effect. When the traps are blown the person is thrown into the air, assign a ranged that can get slowfall, or a lock with portal for them.

1st transition and this is where things become really interesting. It is one of the thoughts moments of the fight, get though this and you are half way though the encounter. Plan for the transitions accordingly you should have no problems.

What happens in the transitions is that Ragnaros goes afk, but he leaves his hammer and a couple of adds to mess up with the raid. If the adds reach the hammer they explode with immense damage basically killing the entire raid. The focus of the transition is to kill the kamikaze adds before they reach the hammer and blow up. The adds can’t be slowed, at full hp they move really fast but they do slow down as they go below 50% hp.

You can clearly see the areas in which the adds will spawn. 8 locations , 4 on each side, assign 2 dpsers for each one. Ranged for extremities, melees for the center. Additionally all who can stun should stun in this phase. For each add we had 2 if not 3 available stuns. And assigned ppl should speak between themselves to see who stuns 1st, who stuns 2nd so the stuns don’t overlap.

As an extra measure you can have boomkins or elementals close to the hammer ready to use their pushbacks. It’s also a good idea to have 2 reserved stuns, preferably from paladins healers, they are to stay relatively close to the hammer and stun anything that passes by everyone else. Since the location of the hammer is random, the adds have different distances to travel and having 2 reserved stuns like this can save the day.

 Ok that was 1st transition if you passed that then good for you , you are great you are awesome you are one step closer to defeating Ragnaros. 2nd phase till 40% is just like the 1st phase only a tad harder, a couple of new abilities thrown in. Engulfing flames cover a 3rd of the room in fire, not much to say about that one you already know what to do.

Then there are the molten seeds. Basically after transition go to your normal dps locations except leave the large corridor in the middle free of ppl. This should be your raids default position. When molten seeds spawn stack up in the center. Use some raid wide defensive cooldowns. Kill the adds that come from the seeds, then move back to your default locations. Sometimes you can get hammer at the same time as seeds, if that happens simply stack up closer to Ragnaros.

The 2nd transition is just like the 1st one only a bit tougher. You get 2 new adds, these need to be tanked, the raid deals with the Sons of Flame, just like before. The two new adds cast a spell which makes players drop fire puddles. If a Son of Flame passes through these it speeds up and gets healed. If you get the flames head outwards from the hammer to the wall, this way no elemental will cross over the fire puddles.


0 #14 the other one 2011-11-06 04:01
ragnaros go AFK :P
+1 #13 The guy 2011-11-01 19:38
Hey i got raggy the second week when FL was but we used long time on killing him and than i had strongly use for your guide but tobad raggy hadn't come up than, but i remember when FL hadn't come how much your guide helped me, and today i went to check if you still got it and omg your guide is so freaking good, ty for all the help and keep on with theese guides in Deatwing patch, the best guide on internett
+2 #12 Bashou 2011-10-12 18:50
As always, excellent guide, dude. I'm a huge fan, and always recommend that people learn fights from this site. Way more clear, better explained, and enjoyable to watch than anything Tankspot's ever put out.
+2 #11 holypriets 2011-10-12 14:52
The best guides on the net! :D :D :D
+3 #10 Ragnaros 2011-09-20 10:11
I COME BACK!!!!!!!!!
+4 #9 Andsooooo 2011-09-05 06:55
3.57 nice crit :lol:
+4 #8 Andsooooo 2011-09-04 18:35
Ty wery much you have help me and my guild in firelands :lol: :lol: :lol:
+4 #7 Andsooooo 2011-09-03 20:59
You still a imba but going to sleep now :P :zzz
+4 #6 Andsooooo 2011-09-03 08:33
Was there something there was drop good to you??? ;-)
+6 #5 Anonymous 2011-08-30 11:41
Sorry I too am a warrior and wanted to know what is the addon you use to, tell you that you have to attack and at what time, please let me know.

:D :D

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